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Uninstall win2k on win xp pro

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I have just installed XP pro over Windows 2000 and can not figure out how to uninstall windows 2000. Can someone give me some suggestions.

email me please..

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Welcome pashazero,

I'm not sure what you are trying to get to but I'll try my best at what you're trying to say.

You want to install WinXP pro, Right? You could just upgrade your system from the WinXP Pro cd. But I suggest doing a clean install because from previous experience upgrades are never good. A clean install will save you a bunch of headache later. And I suggest starting with a clean hard drive. Get a boot disk and fdisk your drive of all the partitions. Then run Windows setup from there.

I hope this is what you are asking for.
I already installed xp pro, but I have win 2k already on the system and want to take it off and I dont have the time right now for a reformat.

well, unless you have dual boot setup, some kind of partitioning or more than 1 HD you can only have one OS installed on your PC that actually works. If you dont have any of those, what might be hapening is that you might be seing a reference to the other OS on the boot screen but if you try to boot to it it will give you an error. I suggest a clean install as well as Drifters described it. It will save you some headache down the road. Also, please post the answers and additional questions here so we can know if your problem got solved :D

thanks :D
yeha when it boots up it says fres f1 for win2k.. and i still see winnt stuff on the c:.. but if I am not going to do a clean format what other my other options.

Is XP on a different logical drive? If so, it's pretty easy to lose it.

Right click on My Computer, select Properties, Advanced, Startup & Recovery.

Make sure the correct O/S is in the Window, and uncheck the "Time to display list of O/S" box.

Now, verify that you can boot cleanly directly into XP.

To clean out Win2K, you can remove the WINNT, Program Files, and Documents and Settings directory trees from C:, job done.
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