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unable to view desktop after bootup

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Hi all, when I boot or reboot my computer, it goes through the boot sequence fine, displaying the boot info etc nice and clear on the screen, but when it finishes booting, the screens( i have 2 monitors) are just black without anything showing on them. I can reinstall/repair windows and the screens show the full process completely bright and clear, I can put a recovery disk in and boot it and it shows nice and clear also, so it appears my video hardware is functioning ok, but when I try to startup the computer normally, it goes throught the boot sequence displaying the startup information but when its finished booting up, I just have 2 blank screens no desktop.
Try to bear with me because I am only moderately proficient with the tech side of things.can anyone give me some ideas??
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Does your computer have an onboard video card? On the back of the computer is there another VGA port?
2 video cards?
Give us the complete specs of your system including the power supply.
Elf asked if you have on board video, if so, try that.
Hi elf, thanks for your help it is very much appreciated, as I said, I am an older guy and not to tech please bear with me, I dont want to waste your time.
I looked on the back and can only see a serial port. The video card in the machine has 2 outlets these being different and specific for each monitor. the motherboard is an asus P4P800, I would think there would be onboard video but I dont know i cant identify anyoutlet for video other than the card thats in it. The video card with the 2 outlets is a GEforce FX5600 series V9560.
Hi speedster 123,
thankyou also for your help as above, it is very much appreciated.
I am not very tech savvy and i can only tell you the following,
it has an intel pentium 4 processor 2.6 i believe,
The video card is a GEforce FX series 5600 V9560 - 2 monitor outlets with different size plugs 1 for each specific monitor
The motherboard is an Asus P4P800
The monitors are 19" samsung LCD
The power supply I read off the side of it is an Antec performance plus 380 watt,
I bought this computer from a guy who had it as his 2nd standby computer. He was a tech engineer with one of the Aust. government departments. unfortunately he is a friend of a friend so i cant contact him to ask for his help.
Many thanks for any help you can give me.
Try this, while your computer is booting up press the F8 key. It should prompt you with a list of startup options (safe mode, safe mode with networking, etc...). Choose "Enable VGA Mode" and see if your computer will load like that.
Thanks for your advice but when I press the F8 key while it is booting, I get a popup which says, "Please select boot device" and gives me the choice of :
hard drive
floppy A
dvd/cd drive

When I choose hard drive, the boot process resumes and I end up with the problem "black screens" nothing on them, not even the mouse pointer.

If I choose the dvd/cd drive, I can put the xp disk in and it just goes through and gives the options of re install xp or repair it. - so far i have only repaired it because i have stuff on the hard drive which i hadnt yet saved and dont want to lose if possible. Otherwise i would try a new installation.

Havent tried anything with the Floppy A
you have to hit f8 after the post but b4 the windows splash screen. If the enable vga mode doesn't work try safe mode and if safe mode works uninstall your nvidia drivers and try to reboot normally and then download latest version of drivers for that card from nvidia.
Hi Elf, Prophet and Speedster,
problem fixed thanks to you all! I now can see what im doing and everything seems to be working ok, thankyou very very much for your great advice and help, thankyou.
Greg Douglas
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