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Unable to use link

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For some reason when receiving e mails from companies I am prevented from going direct to their websie by clicking the link in the message. I have always been able to do this previously and have made no adjustments. I have tried lowering the security settings in Internet Explorer 7 but to no avail. The message still appears that my settings prevent this.
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Go to advanced tab of internet options and in the browsing section make sure that 'reuse windows for launching shortcuts' is ticked and in security section uncheck 'check for publishers certificate revocation- restart the explorer.
Hello Steve,
Thanks for your reply. I have done as you suggestbut still get the same prompt that the computer settings prevent the action.

Jeff green
Also check that 'enable XMLhttp....' is checked - I suppose that you have already tried a browser reset.
If you are still having probs try this fix
If not please close this thread.
Thanks for your advice. How do I do a browswer reset and upgrade to IE8?
to do a browser reset open intent options and go to the 'advanced' tab at the bottom right you should see a button marked 'reset' - this is not available with IE6.
To upgrade to IE8 just go to and there may be a link to upgrade at the top of the homepage- if not just go to and search for IE8 and you should see a link to IE8 or click this
Thanks for your assistance Steve. Problem now seems to be solved
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