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Hello all,
I got a second hand pc from a friend, with the message that it didn't work, that keeps booting into bios with the message :
"=====> NOTE: System is booted in Back2BIOS mode! <====="
'(the B2B switch in the back is red)"
But the pc doesnt have a B2B switch, the previous owner must've taken it out i think, theres just a hole where it should be.
The board is DX79TO, theres a geforce gtx 670 in there and an i7-3820.
Also 3x4 gb of ddr3-1333
Any way of turning it off in a different order? Anything i can short?
Image attached
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Check to make sure the button is not stuck on the chassis panel. For me, the button was being slightly depressed by the panel, and I had to use a screwdriver to adjust the panel enough to make it so the button was not touching the chassis. I discovered that the "B2B" pushbutton can look as if it is not active but in reality is activated due to slight pressure from misalignment of motherboard to the IO plate in the chassis. I reseated the motherboard and taking care that the B2B button was NOT touch anything and was able to place the motherboard into normal operation.
dx58so2 hung in "Back to Bios" mode If that doesn't solve it, post in that Intel Forum for better results
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