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A few days ago I decided to upgrade my RAM from 2 to 4 GB (of OCZ Reaper( 2 x 2Gb). Vista (64-bit HP OEM) hated it, with constant BSOD at the windows boot loading stage. I daftly decided to try & re-install Vista with this new RAM in place, but again similar problems (BSOD) during installation, so I put my old RAM back in place (2x 1GB Crucial Ballistix), and re-installed Vista (apparantly) OK. Installed wireless driver & got online OK so I d/l latest graphics (Nvidia GTX 8800), mouse (Logitech MX1000) & soundcard (Soundblaster X-Fi XtremeGamer) drivers.

Once these had d/l I was getting error messages like "self installation has stopped working" or " has stopped working" (where start is blank). Thought OK, so I d/l all available updates via update, and also SP1 as a standalone file. The updates have installed OK, but virtually identical problem when I try & run the SP1 .exe - "Self extracting Stub has stopped working". I've also disabled UAC & tried running as administrator, and also in safe mode with no joy.

My PC is a self build (approx 6 months ago), and Vista installed & ran perfectly once the rig was built. Now since I've re-installed it (with the original h/w configeration), I'm unable to run any *.exe file (including MS ones!), and severely frustrated!

CPU is 2.4 Quad & motherboard is MSI P35 Platinum.

Any help appreciated.

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