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Unable to open Publisher after deleting page

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After modifying existing Publisher doc by deleting 4th page am unable to reopen newly saved document despite having saved document before shutting ie clicking 'save as' before closing document.
Message displays 'Publisher cannot open this file'.
In addition to this the information that was originally saved seems to have disappeared.
The program stalls before trying to close and displays with a This program is not responding' message which has to be over ridden by pressing 'End Task Now'. (The warning 'You will lose any unsaved data' displays which I thought I could safely ignore because I had saved the document prior to shutting the window).
Have tried to open the document on two different computers in two different locations without success.
In both cases the original document was opened then saved with a different Publisher name, the fourth page deleted, the document resaved then closed. When an attempt was made to reopen the newly saved document the message displayed 'Publisher cannot open this file' .
Current version is MS Publisher 2003.
Two options that have been suggested previously are a virus or trying to save a newer version over an older version of Publisher. Both of these options have been looked at and neither has resulted in a fix.
Have also experienced a problem when deleting the second page of the document.
There appears to be no problem when deleting page 1 or 3.
For whatever reason the problem appears to be in deleting the even numbered pages of the publication.
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Open Publisher, click Help/Detect and Repair. Have you cd handy
Unable to open Publisher document

Have gone into Publisher as directed but file still will not open and files previous to the repair still exhibit the same problem, ie open file delete 4th page, save file, close, try to reopen and message displays 'Publisher cannot open this file'.
Additional note: The original documents were all created using Publisher CD Deluxe for WINDOWS 95. They were then copied across when new system was purchased ie MS Windows XP.
While there does not appear to be any problems with new documents created using the current version of Publisher I would like to recover the ones that appear to have been affected by the current program but were originally created by the Windows 95 Publisher version.
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