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Unable to open Multiple Files at once

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Not sure if this is an XP problem or possibley something else but here we g ,

When wanting to open multiple images i used to be able to highlight as many as i wish and click open , these would then open in Photoshop.
In the last couple of months i have not used PS much but i now seem unable to open multiple images in one go.
If i click individual's they all open but more then a single and it just sits there doing nothing.
Is this an XP problem, if so any ideas on how to resolve ?

EDIT : Also i am unable to open multiple Word Documents, yet i CAN open multiple MPG's .
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I have been all over the net trying to find an answer to this one.

I found an article on Microsoft's website (article 253788) that deals with
this for Win 98 but there is no info for WinXP.

Then I found this:
1.Open Regedit
2.Navigate to HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\
3.Delete the Bags & BagMRU keys
Explorer should be back to normal then.
If you did the above and it doesn't work, try killing the Explorer process first and then run RegEdit.exe from Taskmgr to delete the keys. Reboot your system after that.

Disclaimer: Don't fool with the registry if you're not sure.

Isn't there something simpler like clicking a box ?
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I found another solution to this problem "of not being able to open multiple images in WinXP" on the MS help forum.

But the solution is for Vista so probably wouldn't work for XP.

Repeating my problem-Until recently I was able to select and open multiple JPGs in WinXP but now I have to open one image at a time which is time consuming and very frustrating.
Now I found this:

In XP I used to be able to edit how an application opened when you double
clicked on a file association. I want to be able to open multiple images in
one instance of Paint Shop Pro - but this problem could apply to any

in XP I did:
- file Explorer / view / options / File types /
- Select the file type (jpg) - press Advanced - / edit/ open /edit

In applications browse to find the application Eg

I used to be able to edit this line and add parameters eg PSP.exe /dde

and also edit the DDE MESSAGE put: [open("%1")]

This allowed me to control how PSP opened up. (multiple images in one
instance of PSP)

I can't seem to be able to do this in Vista. Does anyone know how to add
parameters like this

I'm still in the dark and it seems no one else is having this problem.

Quite weird.

I'm now going to do a reinstall of XP ....I'll get back to you later.
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O.K. I re-installed Winxp-I think it's called a repair install.
It made no difference !

Now I found this:
Unable to open multiple images in Winxp

In Regedit navigate to each of these keys (some may not exist) and delete them

and delete the value

and delete the value


and then simply reboot.

Ok so I deleted those first 2 keys but I'm not sure what to do with the next 6.

Does it mean delete the keys or just the Dword values ?
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um, there may be a simpler solution to this problem.
you may have to upgrade your RAM. RAM is needed in order for you to open multiple applications, usually when there is a shortage of ram (when to many programs are running) windows stops all pending programs.
if you want to stop some pointless, yet RAM consuming programs you can simply go start > run > "msconfig", than proceed to the startup tab, by unchecking these boxes, your computer will start-up a lot faster, and you'll have less memory usage. and also try to exit any background programs running, some are hidden, so you'll have to use task manager.
I am running 1.5 gb of ram.
I have no problems opening multiple applications.
My problem is that I can't open multiple images (.jpgs)
I used to be able to open up to 35 pictures at one time
but something in the windows program doesn't allow that now.

Thanks for your response.
what version of photoshop are you using?
does this problem only occur when you try opening the file with photoshop? did you try the windows "preview" picture option?
Photoshop 3.1, Paint and Photoshop 5.5
And it also happens with Windows Explorer.
For example if one image is highlighted ,then right clicked and open that works.
But if two or more images are highlighted ,then right clicked and 'open' is clicked in the drop down menu nothing happens.
Windows preview doesn't work either.
Could you comment on the registry entries listed above?
Oops, posted in wrong forum by mistake. Ignore this message!
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