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Unable to Login to online course (student Page) using IE7

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Our customers are unable to log in to online courses using IE7. When they log in to the page, all they get is a blinking screen. When they log in from a different computer they are able to log in. They are using Windows XP. Any idea why this is happening. Because it is only happening to some computers it is hard to understand why this is happening. We tried to clear cache, delete cookies without success. We even reinstalled IE7 to this particular machine without the plug-ins but that did not resolve the problem either. Any suggestions out there? Has anyone else exprienced this problem?

Thank you.
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I suggest upgrading to IE8. IE8 is faster and safer than IE 7. It is also compatible with more sites than any other browser. If you are concerned with the way IE 8 will interact with sites you are visiting, you should check out Compatibility Mode which allows you to view sites as they would appear in IE 6 or IE 7, with the added security and speed of IE 8. Here's some more information:

Here is a link to get you started:

You can also try managing your add-ons. Run IE in No Add-ons Mode. Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) - If this fixes the issue, then go to Tools -> Manage Add-ons and enable the add-ons one by one to find which one was causing the problem.

I hope this helps!

IE Outreach Team

Thank you very much for your prompt response. That was an eye opening. Question for you though. Since we did reset the IE could we have turned off add-ons without realizing that?

The IT department for these clients controls the IE version that they must use. At the present time they are only allowed to use IE7 because we a told they are using other applications that are not IE8 compatible.

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