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unable to install windows server 2003

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I am having a problem when install windows server 2003 standard edition.
so, Please help...

Here is my PC configuration.
Motherboards ECS 915G-M, Intel 915G Chipset
BIOS Version 1.2
CPU Intel Pentium 4 – 3.4 GHz w/ 1MB cache with HyperThreading, 800 MHz FSB
Memory 1 GB DDR PC3200
HDD 250 GB SATA Hard Drive, 7200 rpm, 8 MB cache
External VGA Card ATI x300, 128 MB, 128 Bit
Power Supply 350 Watt
Current OS Win XP Media Center Edition

1. boot from DVD-ROM or DVD-RW
2. select windows server 2003 standard edition
3. Response 'Window setup' on upper left hand corner of screen and halt ........

I can install Windows XP Prof or XP Home or Windows 2000 server.
I have tried to swap out the SATA drive, replace with regular IDE hard drive.
I have also tried to replace the ATI Radeon X300 with a simple VGA card.
I have also tried to replace the DVD-ROM with a CD-ROM.
I have also tried to burn a different Windows Server 2003 CD.
I have also cleared the CMOS battey and load the optimized setting in the BIOS menu.
I have also checked CPU Temperature. It is below 50 degrees Celsius.
and Isolate just a hardrive, floppy and a CDROM.

None of it work.... Please help
It always halt at the same place.....

Thanks in advance....
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welcome to tsf

even though xp is installable..
try your server install with just 1 memory stick installed

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it doesn't work..... :4-dontkno
please check your device manager for conflicts [ yellow symbols ]

and try disabling hyperthreading in your bios

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