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Hey guys, as the title suggests:

I am trying to format an old 1TB Seagate Harddrive, but when plugged into the machine it will cause the following:

- If I right click on the drive, file explorer crashes. This will remain crashed until the drive is removed - at which point, everything boots back up.

- If I try to go through disk management ,it hangs on "connecting" until unplugged. When plugged in after its connected, trying to format, delete or shrink the drive crashes disk management until removed.

- When the device is plugged in, Windows will not boot at all.

I'm not sure what's causing this and would appreciate some help - the drive has only ever been used as a backup in the past, so i'm not sure why it's now acting like a ticking time bomb when plugged into the machine. All the guides i've found online just tell me to "reformat" it - which I can't do, as the reformat options crash their respective software.


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The HDD has failed or is failing and will need to be replaced. If it is making a ticking sound the drives heads are parked, which means drive failure.
If you can keep the drive recognized, you can run Diagnostic apps like DiskGenius in my signature to confirm that the drive has failed. You can also use this app to try and recover any data. But I think it is too far gone to recover.
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