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Unable to find operating system... Windows XP

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Last night I came home to my kid using my laptop for games... CBBC Website.

He stopped using it for a couple for hours but left the window and laptop open.
When it came to shutting it down, the laptop had frozen, the mouse would move but not select anything.
I had to hold the power button to switch it off, and when restarting it says Unable to find operating system.
There are a few other error codes but I can't remember exactly what they are.
The laptop had been freezing recently but I referred to a recent good configuration and this seemed to rectify the problem.
Are there any suggestions to fix this?

Many Thanks

PS - Apologies if this is in the wrong forum area, feel free to move if required.
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Hello and Welcome to TSF!!!

What make/model is your laptop???
You said you had this kind of problems before... After you use laptop for a while,
have you ever noticed that laptop is maybe a bit hot???
Maybe you should clean cooler in case it is dusted...

Boot in to BIOS and check if HDD is visible...
What kind of error message you have on display???

Keep us posted...
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