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unable to connect to existing vnc session

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We are using Real VNC enterprise server. User will connect to the vnc server and do their work.

We are facing one issue since from last week. When user is working on session, some times the session will get hung.He can't do anything on that. If he close the connection and try to connect from vnc viewer to the same vnc session it is not connecting. even it is not asking for the password.

I have checked in the server the Xvnc process for the session is still running.

When I tried to check the session is alive or not from telnet it is not showing that RFB 004.001.

xhdvnc2 ~]# telnet localhost 5902
Connected to localhost.localdomain (
Escape character is '^]'.

If users are running some important tasks on that session they are not able to access.

Please help in regard.

Thanks & Regards,
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