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umm help my comp wont turn on!

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Hello. I have a a520n and I know a little bit about computers but yesterday I moved it from one room to my new room. I shut it down and it took like three or four minutes longer than usual. then i moved it (it was off) and it wouldnt turn on again!

i tried a few different power cords. and i also tried moving it back to the original room. there is a blinking green light just below where the plug plugs into the back of the computer. what should i do? is the power supply dead or am i totally screwed?
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What is an A520N? Sounds like an HP if I remember correctly. The blinking like could mean that part of the PSU is bad, which generally makes the whole thing bad.

you might try this...

with it unplugged from the wall, hold the power button for 20 seconds.

then, plug it back in, if it's still blinking, hold it for about 6 seconds, and it should correct this.

and yeah, it's an HP Pavillion A520N

thanks so much i will try this when i get home!
it is an hp
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