It’s been an interesting week for enthusiasts who prefer ultra-compact PCs. FXI Technologies Inc, have recently announced the launch of the  Cotton Candy  ultra-compact PC. Cotton Candy is a PC the size of a USB Thumb Drive, designed to act as a companion for smartphones, tablets and notebooks; as well as bringing PC functionality to other media such as TV sets.

The product has a USB port on one side, used to power the system, and a HDMI port on the other to connect the device to a monitor. At a price of $199, you get an ARM Cortez 1.2GHz processor, and up to 64GB memory local storage. Units are available to pre-order from here:  cstick Cotton Candy

At the other end of the scale, British charity Rasberry Pi has launched its £22 ($35) computer, roughly the size of pack of playing cards. The company’s main aim is to help get kids into programming, offering cheap hardware to schools. The Rasberry Pi has certainly attracted large interest so far. On launch the Foundations partner websites were unable to cope with the demand and became unavailable.

The computer offers 256MB of SDRAM, HDMI output for display, along with USB input and a built in Ethernet controller. More details can be found here:
The Raspberry Pi Launch