Brian Johnson told the world in 1981 that “ Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution ” and boy was he right.

Every party and gathering just isn’t the same without some party music going on in the background, but not all of us are at a party at every given moment. Many of us exercise, go to quiet places, or just may be working on a product today.

When we are alone, we can’t be like the olden days where we held boom boxes to our ears, blasting music to the world. What we need are some headphones that let us listen to our favorite tunes in our own personal space.

A common thing I see on social media is my friends asking what we would recommend to them for wireless earbuds. There’s a lot of draw for wireless earbuds because Bluetooth has become such an important and useful technology.

By transmitting music to a wireless headset, you don’t have to be tethered to your phone and are free to move around. The most common use for such a tool is when running, exercising, or sitting far away from a device, like a TV.

Today, I am returning to a favorite Amazon seller of mine, iClever. With their batteries being well praised on both Amazon and in my own reviews, I wanted to take a look at their latest wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Resistant to sweat and water followed by a feather-like weight, the BTH20 headphones are a possible recommendation to my friends on social media for being an inexpensive, but valuable pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Welcome to my review on the iClever BTH20 Bluetooth headphones.


The design of the BTH20 is something that I haven’t seen before. Instead of a lot of the weight being packed into the remote clicker, the BTH20 has larger than normal earbud speakers.

When the BTH20 was unboxed on my desk one sunny afternoon, they didn’t look to be the most comfortable earbuds on the market. Take a look at this close-up picture and refer to it as I discuss the design.

Each speaker has a shallow intrusion into your ear canal and there is this large base that just rests in your ear. Take a look at any other earbud review I have written on Tech Support Forum and notice how nearly all of them have a pipe design, meaning the speaker and speaker channel is similar to how a pipe would look.

On the BTH20, it seems as if the speaker is in the large base, then sound channels in the internals redirect the sound down into your ear canal. It’s clever.

Since the speakers do not have a long intrusion into your ear canal, there is little to no discomfort. More on the comfort below.

What you get from this design is the best of both worlds; a secure fit from an in-ear earbud, but the comfort of on-ear earbuds like the ones included with iPhones.

Moreover, the BTH20 are solid black all round with a slight gray iClever logo on the outward facing side of each speaker. These speakers, while black, are of a glossy finish.

The wire connecting the two speakers together is of a fair length and I would imagine it being fine for most of us. I did not have any troubles with head movements or the cable getting caught up on my shirt or back.

On the cable, there is a three-button Bluetooth remote to control your phone from afar. There is a built-in microphone, volume up and down buttons, and a multifunction on/off button. This remote is also how the Bluetooth headphones are charged.

If the cable does happen to be too long, iClever provides a table tie in the shape of an ‘S’. You can choose to tighten or shorten the cable length. Also included in the box are small, medium, and large earbuds and ear wings. The earbuds and wings are made from silicone.

The clever ear bud shape and design is a huge plus for these headphones but what the BTH20 really has going for it is the feather-like weight. At only 0.45 ounces, this is the lightest object I’ve ever reviewed. When inserted into your ears, you almost cannot feel them at all.


Everywhere you look on the BTH20, you can tell that attention to detail and care for the customer was important for making this product. When unboxing the BTH20, I happened to take a look at the user manual, something that many of us rarely do.

The manual is easily understood and filled with useful information, not boring legal talk or a language you cannot read anyways. If you happen to purchase these earbuds I would recommend taking a moment and reading through it to learn more about the product.

Furthermore, there was also a tiny warranty card for the product. Surprisingly, iClever provides an 18-month warranty with lifetime support. This is something that even exotic and expensive goods don’t give their customers.

To get started with the BTH20, it’s as easy as one, two, three. The pairing process begins after turning on the unit and continuing to hold down the on/off button. It paired instantly with my Bluetooth 5.0 Samsung S8+ smartphone. The ear buds are only Bluetooth 4.1, which is more than fine.

Once paired, I let them sit through their three-hour burn in test and then loaded up some of my favorite tunes to my phone.

For $26 headphones, their sound is amazingly good. Music was loud and vibrant with bass being there in the background.

I began to notice that the vocals of songs were lower than the instruments in the songs. This is not normal for the songs I was listening to and something that was associated with the headphones. It wasn’t so noticeable that I didn’t like listening to the music but something to take note of.

Music, in general, was what I listened to the most of with the BTH20 and it does a decent job for the price. The sounds don’t compete against the expensive Beyerdynamic earbuds, but it’s a great second place.

I liked the mids and highs produced by the speakers but would have liked to have seen more from the lows and bass. The bass was pumping in my head, but I just wanted a little bit more.

Video was excellent and enjoyable. I didn’t have any problems with it and it sounded great. Noises were clear, loud, and crisp.
iClever says these speakers can reach 106dB and I believe them. At medium volume, the sounds are quite loud and since they are in your ear canal, they have excellent noise cancellation. Other people around me couldn’t hear the music unless I really began to crank it up.

When it comes to the comfort of the earbuds, I really enjoyed them, more than other earbuds I have reviewed. There are small, medium, and large ear tips and wings (pictured) and they fit my ears securely.

I tried shaking my head, running, moving, and other activities and the earbuds stayed right where they were in my ears.

As mentioned earlier, their feather-light weight is pleasing and it really makes this product. I never received a headache, discomfort, or saw a need to remove the earbuds from my ears.

The only times I did have to remove the earbuds was to charge them. The internal battery capacity is unknown, but it lasts a very long time. I received seven and a half hours of playback on one of my tests for the earbuds and that is nearly the eight hours iClever claims you should be getting.

A plus is that the standby times are insanely long. I tested these earbuds when they first arrived a month ago, and let them sit ever since. A month later, they still booted up for an additional three hour run time. Recharging the earbuds takes a couple of hours on a high flow charger.

Inside the in-line remote, there is a CVC noise cancelling microphone that does an okay job at listening to your voice. The remote sits behind your neck, depending on how you wear the headset, and as long as the room is quiet and the wind noise is low, I had a clear connection. These headphones won’t replace a dedicated Bluetooth earpiece, but it’s nice to pick up a phone call while out on a run.

Finally, the iClever BTH20 earbuds are water resistant. iClever doesn’t list an IP rating for the earbuds, but they state they can withstand sweat and rain showers. Other than my own sweat, the earbuds appear to be sealed tight and the claim against sweat-resistance holds up.

My Final Thoughts

Priced at $19.99, the iClever BTH20 is nearly an impulse buy. They have a near perfect five-star rating on Amazon and I too would give a five-star review for the BTH20 headphones.

The packaging of the BTH20 is well done, the design of the earbuds is clever and new, and the feather-light weight is just fantastic. Even with its light weight body, it continued to provide endless music for seven and a half hours and did so while being covered in sweat.

For the sounds, it was loud, clear, and pleasant to listen to. For headphones at this price, it outperforms earbuds double the cost.

With an 18-month warranty and 30-day return policy, I easily recommend iClever’s BTH20 headphones for anybody who’s planning to be on the go, sitting in their chair, or just needs a new pair of headphones.

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