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Ultimate Lag on Hellgate London

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My computer is doing weird things. First off, I have an HP laptop that has an GeForce 8600M GTS, Intel Core 2 Duo that runs at 1.5 GHz, 2GB of DDR2 RAM and a 32 bit version of Vista Home Premium.

Whenever I go to play Hellgate London, first vista's visual aspects downgrade to vista basic and then the game starts to lag out so bad that my computer seems like its on acid. I will have to wait like, 20 minutes just to play the game. What can I do to fix the problem?

My graphics card has the ability to go to DirectX 9 and 10 and at the same time I have updated all drivers for it.
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I was having problems playing Hellgate London on dx10 on my desktop with an 8600... have you tried playing it on dx9? It works well for me on dx9. I also had to change it to play in 'Windows XP' mode.

Try that/
The problem is, is that I tried to do that, but my computer still messes up.

My other computer is a Windows XP Home with a 6600 GTX, and currently has 1GB of RAM which I am upgrading to at least 2GB. Do you think that should be enough or should I swap the 6600 out for a 8800 GTOC
That should be fine. I play Hellgate London on highest setting with a Pentium D (2.8ghz) 1gb ram, and 8600 Gt and i have no lag, have to play it in dx9 though.

The 6600 should work, the requirements are for at least 6200 so 6600 should work, if you want to play on higher settings i suggest using the 8600 though.

Not sure why you would have lag.... mine sometimes lags a little when on the stairs at the differant stations but it never lags during regular levels. Hopefully they will release a gamepatch soon that might help.
Yea. I am going to save up my money and upgrade my 2.02 GHz AMD single core and upgrade to a 2.2GHz duel core. And then I might go and upgrade my 6600 and see if I can make it an 8800. Worst comes to worst, I also go ahead and get a bigger power supply.
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