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Ubuntu 10.04 blank screen on HP 8440p integrated GPU

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After two weeks of seerching i am still with no answer:

- which Intel drivers are proper for my laptop HP 8440p i5-520M with integrated GPU and how to install them ?

I would like to install Ubuntu on my pendrive, but the problem is that when i boot LiveCD i got a blank screen (even with NOMODESET ticked).
I want to try Ubuntu. Unfortunately my first impression is not good.
I am totally newbee. So i need step by step instruction what to do to install the Ubuntu on the pendrive with working Intel drivers. As far as i know an external monitor is the solution. It is good for an installation purposes in my case only.

I want to start my experience with Ubuntu..
Help please !!
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Not good news I'm afraid.

It would appear you have to force your laptop to use the Vesa driver as
per this first post:

[ubuntu] HP 8440p GMA HD issues - Ubuntu Forums

but you wont be able to use accelerated drivers or Compiz affects. This is a
pity as HP were one of the companies at the forefront of linux support, along with Nvidia.
Also, being a laptop, not a desktop you cant change the video card.
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Thanks the link i could solve the problem with a blank screen.
Just want to share my knowledge (as a newbee) what i did:

Booting LiveCD
(3 different ways that works; what is the different..? i do not know)
1. press F6 and tick nomodeset then ESC and add xforcevesa in command line after quiet splash
2. press F6 then ESC and add nomodeset xforcevesa in command line after quiet splash
3. press F6 then ESC and add i915.modeset=0 xforcevesa in command line after quiet splash

After installing Ubuntu 10.04 on my pendrive
i added i915.modeset=0 xforcevesa in grub. To do this i had to fallow this instruction:
- open Terminal window
- type gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub
- find line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"
- add i915.modeset=0 xforcevesa after quiet splash, so the line was as fallow:
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash i915.modeset=0 xforcevesa"
- save changes
- type sudo update-grub
Now i have my pendrive fully booting and working on my HP 8440p.

Thank you hal8000 for so quick response.
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