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i have a hp pavilion 514n running vista and i want to use ubantu cause of the low requirements. i haven't changed any hardware except added my wireless keyboard and mouse,a network card, and a dvd burner.

will my computer be faster with ubantu than vista?

also, do i use text based install or live cd install?

i've never had any problems with installing operating systems as my xp messed up a couple of times and i had to keep reinstalling before i upgraded to vista.

any help is appreciated.
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First the OS is called Ubuntu, not ubantu. Second, if you computer ran vista fine then you will have no problem with ubuntu. You may need to get some drivers for your wireless keyboard and mouse though, if there aren't any on the cd.

As for how much faster your computer will be with ubuntu is all relative. The answer is yes if you mean will you be able to run more program with less ram usage. I would recommend that you download and use the live cd to install Ubuntu. it is just a lot easier for newbies like your self. When it comes to choosing your partition, i would recommend that you don't try to fool with the partition sizes unless you are sure that you have a handle on it. This is because you will see that there needs to be more than one partition for linux. But that is jumping ahead of myself.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask, and we can help you with them.

Cheers and welcome to the light side!
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thanks i have my installation cd for the keyboard, i bought that just last month. yes, the ram is exactly what i was talking about. i've been meaning to buy some more but the stores around here don't have my kind and im skeptable about shopping online. this guy at the flea market gave me his card from some company (Technobub Computers Plus) it has a website and its a local number but i havn't gotten around to him yet. mabe its time to get in touch with him before i try the online thing. but thanks i'll try it out today and let you know how it works.
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