If you’ve been following my reviews from the past, you’ll know that I’m a fan of the portable battery manufacturer, RAVPower. Since first reviewing their products from nearly a year ago, each and every device has provided me with excellent service and ensures that my mobile devices stay powered.

Today is no different as over the past month I’ve been using and reviewing their latest two devices; backup batteries that come with a new style and a bigger battery bank to keep you going longer.

Branded under the RAVPower Deluxe Series, the RP-PB07 jam-packs a 10,400 mAh battery into a thin profile that is focused on longevity charging. On the other hand rests the RP-PB17 that joins the RAVPower Luster group, a lineup that focuses on light weight and quick recharges for your device.

With one focused on continuous charging while the other helps give your battery the boost to get through the rest of the day, it’s their functionality that make them a 'partner in crime'.

Welcome to my review of RAVPower’s newest devices, the RP-PB07 and RP-PB17. Throughout this review, I will be discussing the following subjects: the design, functionality and my overall thoughts. A special thank you to RAVPower for providing me with these devices.


Recently, RAVPower underwent a new branding experience with an updated website and refreshing their products to reflect a stylish and subtle change and these two products follow that trend.

Beginning with the RP-PB07, the battery bank is built around a solid rectangular frame that holds up against drops and stress from bending.

To give the RP-PB07 a pleasing visual appearance, RAVPower chose to go with a brushed plastic finish that comes in either black or white. Most of my RAVPower products are provided to me in black and with reviewing a number of units, I’ve come to prefer the black over the white.

The I/O on the RP-PB07 consists of two iSmart USB ports, a microUSB in for charging the internal batteries, and a battery status button that slowly lights up four white LEDs. One side of the battery shows your product information.

When it comes to its size, the RP-PB07 measures 5.47in x 2.24in x 0.87in and weighs only 6.4oz. At this size, the battery bank is already significantly smaller than most of its predecessors and is small enough to fit in my hand and can be easily lifted and moved without effort.

Switching gears to the RP-PB17, we find a small form factor that is oblong shaped. Along the ends are chrome accents that offset the matte black finish.

For the I/O of the Luster unit, it supports a single iSmart USB, microUSB in, and a battery status button similar to the RP-PB07.

As for the size, the RP-PB17 is significantly smaller than the RP-PB07 with the size of the unit measuring 3.5in x 1.69in x 0.91in and only weighs 4.8oz. Its smaller size and lighter weight allows the RP-PB07 to slide into your pocket, but doesn’t drag down your pants like larger/heavier battery banks.

The term iSmart is RAVPower’s trademark to indicate the smart technology within the USB ports. Every phone, tablet, or camera requires a different power input and using the incorrect input could cause damage to the device’s battery. These iSmart USB ports can handle up to 2A output, but have the ability to decrease their power to accommodate lower current requirements. It’s a technology that they have been using for a while now and from what I have seen and read online, it makes a large difference in getting your device charged correctly and properly.


A staple on RAVPower’s products have been their integrated LED flash lights that allow you to see easily in the dark and have incredibly long lasting power for light. Unfortunately, RAVPower made the decision to take out the flash light on both units.

When these two units arrived one afternoon, I immediately had intentions for both of them. The RP-PB07 was intended to be a road trip/traveling powerhouse to keep my phone going all day when riding on a long plane ride or even having GPS running on my tablet. The RP-PB07 was the emergency power for if my phone died, and was placed in the glove compartment of my car. Its 5200mAh battery serves as a full one-time charge on my Galaxy Note 4 smartphone which is more than enough to get me through two full days.

For testing, the battery banks were first filled with power and sat unused for two weeks. After the two week period, the batteries reported to still have 100% power stored in their systems. Then, I used multiple devices on the iSmart USB ports, including a smartphone, Bluetooth headset, tablet, and Bluetooth keyboard. (All devices had more than 20% battery power.)

The devices were then left to recharge to 100%. In no case did this take more than three hours.

To prevent any damage to your devices or the battery bank itself, both products support temperature, output over-current, reset, short-circuit, output over-voltage, overcharge/discharge, input, anti-reverse and electromagnetic production. It clearly shows how safety is an important aspect of RAVPower’s products.

Lastly, when traveling with these two products, I never had a complaint about their durability or functionality. They always came in handy and while most of the time they were on standby, waiting for my device to run out of battery power, it’s a product I’d rather have with me than not.

My Final Thoughts

Many of my RAVPower reviews end in the same fashion and this one is no different. These new battery banks reflect RAVPower’s new vision in making stylish and fully functional devices. Both maintain a clean form factor and are light enough to lug around with you. At the time of finishing this review, the RP-PB17 found a home in my car as an emergency battery bank, while the RP-PB07 is a short trip battery bank and allows me to travel lightly without cables. Both units are priced at the $15 range and are well worth that price, especially for the longevity they will provide.

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