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Turns on 3 seconds, restarts

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I recently started building a PC and im using some of my older parts from my last computer to save some money from buying new ones. I have came across this problem and have been puzzled by it for a couple months and your my last hope. When I power on my pc, it turns on for 3 to 4 seconds then restarts to stay on for good. I have no video, my cpu fan runs. at first i thought it must be the graphics card, so i purchased a new one and I had the same problem. I realized that my power supply had been 180 watts and only 20 pins so i bought another( this time 400 watts, 24 pin) hoping to fix the problem. The same problems has been occurring.

my specs if it helps:
intel dp43tf classic series motherboard
intel 2.4 ghz dual core
ati raedon 4350 xfx graphics card
60 gb hard drive (from my old pc, never had a chance to reformat)
2 gb ddr2 800 mhz ram

motherboard led does come on. I have power to my drives and hard drives.
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Sounds like a heat issue, what kind of thermal paste did you use when you put it together?

BTW, a 400 watt is not very strong for that video card, what brand is it?
The video card can't use too much power. ATI's minimum system PSU requirement is 300w, or 350w if you're running two of them.

Have you tried resetting the BIOS? I doubt it's heat or it'd be happening more than just during the first startup.
yes i tried resetting bios but no help
Might sound dumb, but check your RAM and make sure it is seated correctly, I assume that the machine is not clearing POST?
try to change with a new PSU with about 400 watts
I need a 550 watts? im using a 400 watt power supply now and im still having the same problem? my ram is in the first two slots. theres 2 blue slots and 2 black slots that go every other one. i have one in the blue and one black.

this is my current psu
dynex is a junk psu for pcie

it does not have enough amps on the 12v lines for pcie

look at the difference in the amps between the dynex and the corsair
well my question is will it still work for the time being? or do you think that is my problem?
i think it is your problem or i would not of posted it
Same problem, two different power supplies, one new. What are the odds?
make model wattage of the new one you tried
old one was 180. new one was 400 dynex posted above. dont know the model of the old one
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