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Not wanting to use ALT+F4, if you want to create a Desktop Icon to perform the shutdown, post back.

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There's also a gadget for Win 7 that will put the different Shutdown options on your desktop making it one click, but that's also not a keyboard method.

I remember having a keyboard years ago, possibly even for my Mac, that had a shutdown key right on it. Haven't seen one for years though.

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If you wish to create a desktop shortcut to shut down your pc you can do it in a few easy steps


Right click anywhere on your desktop, making sure your cursor is not on an icon. Point to "New" and then click on "Shortcut."

A "Create Shortcut" wizard will pop up. In the field following "Type the Location of the Item:" enter the following: %windir%\System32\shutdown.exe -s -f -t 00. Simply copy and paste this code, starting with the first % and ending with the 00 (but not the period).

Click "Next." Under "Type a Name for This Shortcut:" enter "Shutdown."

Click Finish. A new icon called "Shutdown" will appear on your desktop.

If you want to customize the icon, right click it and then click on "Properties." Go to the "Shortcut" tab and click the "Change Icon" button.

In the dialog box that opens, click on the icon you wish to use. Click "OK", and then "Apply", and then "OK" again.

When you are ready to shut down your computer, simply double click your new shortcut.

Hope that helped :tongue:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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