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Turbo Mode P4c800 dlx

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What does turbo mode in the P4c800 dlx actually do??? I've tried it but don't really see a difference. :4-dontkno Thanks.
System Specs:
Asus P4c800 dlx V1021.004
P4-3.2E with Stock intel cooler
Enermax PSU 420w
1 Gig OCZ Gold DDR400
ATI X800 xl 256mb
2-120 s-ATA Maxtor Dimax9 PRO Raid0
Boze Companio3 Speaker System
Samsung 19inch 193p LCD
LG DVD Burner 12X DL
New Q GOLD DSP TruSurround Preamp
Mitsumi 7 in 1 media reader
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Depending on your bios settings and memory timings....Turbo will attempt to tighten the memory timings in order to gain a performance boost. Turbo can cause instability if your memory is not up to the task and best left in auto unless you know what your tweaking.
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