Welcome to the first weekly review in the TSF News. Thanks to all the great contributions of some of the main news headlines in computing and technology worldwide. This week readers have finally had confirmation on when Microsoft Windows 8 is to be released and also updates to Firefox and the upcoming release of Mac OS X 10.8. Here's what's happened this week.
This news has excited anticipating Windows fans world wide.
Apple ordered to publish announcements on their wrong doing to Samsung.
Ofcom research publish results of how ways to communicate with each other has changed.
Taking pictures with your glasses the new 'look' on mobile photography.
Apple have designed their new OS update to be similar to iOS.
Microsoft bang heads with the EU on Anti-Trust regulations.
A leak on Steam mobile app perhaps suggesting the upcoming new apps.
The next installment of Mozilla's popular web browser was released this week.
To meet the high demand for this tiny Linux computer manufacturers decide to up the amount being produced.
Android 'Jelly Bean' to become more featured in upcoming mobile devices with great new features.
New Gparted based distributions also released with the new fixes and features.