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Trying to remove AV security suite-failed sofar

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Yes, I've done some searches and see a lot of people are having this problem. Here's what's happened with my dealings with it. I'm posting this from another PC as I can't use my PC to get online. We are on the same home network however.

It started last night when I used Paltalk. I get a green shield in my lower notification area, saying my computer is infectied. Double clicking it will bring up the AV security suite which will do a scan and say it needs me to purchase it. Obviously, this is a program which has infected me and wants me to buy their AV software in order for me to get it off my computer. It really PO's me. Could the company be sued for something like this? I hope someone does.

Anyway, so practically no program will work for me, not AVG anti-virus, not my web browser (firefox) I think that most of the popup it's giving me are not windows but are false (lies, not real popups) from the program itself. Other symptoms of it include:

1.A popup in the left bottom saying antivirus software alert infiltration alert, attack from, do you want to block this attack?

2. Another frequent popup (that never goes away no matter what I choose it always comes back over and over) ap cannot be executed filex (meaning whatever file it tells me, it keeps changing with each popup) is infected. I believe it when it says AVG is infected, as I can't open it. It asks if I want to activate my AV software. If I click yes, it opens my internet explorer history.

The yellow windows update shield in the bottom right notifcation area multiplies until there are about 7 or 8 instances of it.

So, what I tried to do is- go into safe mode (without networking) and do my scan with AVG from there. It works, but I can only use the command line scanner. The first time I chose the option to scan my whole computer (I have one internal hard drive C:\ and two other external ones) it found a virus and deleted. So I wondered if I was now rid of it. Then, I went back to windows normal mode and saw I was still infected. I went into safe mode again, and this time just scanned C:\ Strangely, it found 3 trojans this time, and I chose the option for it to clean them automatically. Though, the log didn't say it cleaned them, just moved them to the virus vault, which I don't know how to access in safe mode. I went back to Windows Normal mode- still having the same problem. Maybe you should make a sticky post on this virus as it seems a lot of people are having to the same problem.

I found this, on how to remove it manually.

But, I don't fully understand the instructions. What does "random string" mean and do I have to delete those registry keys it mentions.

I read the first steps sticky in this forum, but I can't download those programs, because like I said, my computer can not get online. Is there another way? Maybe I could download them here and put the on my flash drive. I'm not sure if the virus will let me put them on my computer with it. Unless I can put them on my system in safe mode. Which, although a virus scan doesn't work there. I am not getting the symptoms of the AV security suite virus there.
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Hello and welcome,

No, do not follow the instructions at that site - we'll remove it properly for you.

Yes - Use another computer to download the tools to a flash drive. Transfer them to the infected computer. It's okay to run them from Safe Mode, they'll still give me what I need to get started.
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