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trouble with laptop screen

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This laptop is a gateway mx6631. On the right side of the screen, about 3 in of the viewable space is blacked out from top to bottom. It doesn't appear the screen is damaged, just the viewable space is 4:3 instead of 16:9. I can adjust the resolution so the desktop stretches under the black space. Then I can drag the mouse toward the black space and the desktop will shift to the left so I can see the right most side of the desktop (the clock).

I want to make the entire screen viewable.

It hasn't always been like this, it happened when my infant son was sitting in my lap and dragged his hands across the keyboard. Since then, the right side is blacked out. no resolution setting will make that space viewable.
In the bios, the lcd is set to enable. In the device manager the display adapter is the intel chipset 915gm/gms, 910gml listed twice. under monitor it has digital flat panel (1024x768) listed 3 times.

I have tried removing the display adapter and the monitors and when it restarts and detects everything the 3 monitors and 2 display adapters are right back in there.

I have downloaded the most recent intel drivers and installed with no change.

Any ideas how I might reclaim this viewable space?

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I knew those hot keys could turn it upside down didn't know about the left and right though. But, none of those combinations restored the viewable space to the entirety of the screen.

For what its worth, I noticed that the very first screen you see on power up , where you can enter the bios if you want, is also shrunken (not full viewable space) I defaulted the bios and didn't make a difference.

I started reading an older post on here that was kind of doing what this one is : the computer thinks it has 2 monitors connected to it . Monitor 1 and monitor 2 . monitor 1 is what is displayed on my screen :digital flat panel 1024x768 . monitor 2 (default monitor)is the intel chipset 915 (it has the higher resolution settings.) It won't let me switch between them. Screen just goes black for a couple of seconds then goes right back to monitor 1.
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