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For some reason my audio is super bassy out of nowhere, I tried plugging in some old speakers because I forgot they didn't work, after I unplugged them my audio through my mixer/headphones is suddenly hyper bassy/distorted, it sounds like it's on the other side of a wall.

I'm using headphones plugged into a Behringer Xenyx 502 mixer, plugged into my PC.

Mixer works fine using my mobile as input, with the same headphones and cables which is really confusing me, PC works fine audio wise, mixer works fine audio wise, but them together = distortion really makes me think it's a driver issue but i've tried a few times to reinstall them and nothing changed.

I've tried the regulars, restarted PC, checked windows sound effects, cleaned ports, used different cables, reinstalled audio drivers, used different PC audio jack but to no avail.
Audio was completely fine beforehand, and everything is plugged in the same as it was, I have no idea what could've changed.

Any ideas? I'm losing my mind.

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I had a go at interfacing similar arrangement to little dynamic speakers straightforwardly and I don't hear any contortion. This likely implies that the blender is alright, just as my source and association with the blender. The issue ought to be the enhancer: possibly I set something up erroneously on the intensifier, or the last has an issue (however when I just play radio on that speaker, the sound approves of the inactive speakers it is snared to). I gave changing different settings a shot the speaker, however there is either no stable at all or a similar twisted sound. Does anybody know what I should change to acquire undistorted sound?
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