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trouble reinstalling windows xp

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my sister bought a dell laptop from her froend and didn't get his password and she had a windows cd so she thought she would reinstall windows herself. well its daysing that thee is an err finding I386 file folder and can not continue and to clean disk or get a new disk. so i called dell and they sent me a new disk, and i tried that but when i boot up the computer all it says is that it is resuming reinstall of windows xp and i don't think it is getting anything off the new disk.can anyone help??
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i386 is the cabinet container folder for Windows. I like to just copy it to any installation drive for the computer I work on since then you won't need the disk every time you install new hardware.
Hello twright872

Are you sure that you are booting from the Dell CD. You have to enter the BIOS and set the boot order to
floppy (if present)
Hard drive

Put the CD in the drive and reboot.
Watch out for "Press any key to boot from the CD"

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well since she done this herself when i got it and turn it on it automatically goes to a blue screen and says that it is resuming reinstalling windows then comes up with errors
If the error is
"Cannot find I386 file folder" I think the system is not reading the CD since the I386 file folder will be on the Dell CD.

Is the CD drive working?

Also make sure you are booting from the CD as I explained earlier.

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