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Trouble overclocking q9550

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I got a used q9550 a few weeks ago and 2 days ago I started overclocking. I would raise fsb in increments of 10 and run p95 for at least 12 hours with no problems. I didn't have to raise any voltages or anything. when I got to 383 fsb the pc froze during bootup, so I raised vcore to 1.36 and vdram to 2.0. Under load core 0 shot up to 75 degrees, so after a few minutes I shut it down. This morning I turned on the pc and went immediately into BIOS and turned fsb down 10 or 20. Windows started, but after about 10 minutes the screen went black and I shut it off. Since then I can't even get it to post. I reset cmos, I checked to see if any RAM was loose. I don't see anything wrong. I hope I didn't fry my cpu or anything else. Not sure what to do. My specs:

ASUS p5q pro turbo with modded BIOS
q9550 cpu
8gb (4x2) crucial Ballistix ram
Antec 500w psu
NVIDIA GeForce 9800 gt video card
Razer Barracuda soundcard
Xigmatek HDT S1823 hsf

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That makes a lot of sense! I didn't think about the psu! I've run that psu for years and I was running an overclocked e7200 successfully, but maybe I need more juice to run the quad? The only other psu I have is an older 430 watt psu, and maybe I'll hook it up just to see if I can post. Plus if the psu goes, doesn't it usually hurt the mobo as well? Hopefully that hasn't happened. Thanks alot!
Ok, i'll buy a new one. I've been thinking of upgrading anyway. Some people don't seem to think it's the psu, but I tried clearing CMOS to no avail. Hopefully I don't have a dead board. Thanks.
I didn't use that backup psu, so it's just the one I already have in it. I'll order one soon. I do have backup parts in case I need them, like another mobo, in case my good one's fried. It will take the quad if I need to use it, and spare ram. There's some good psu deals so I'll check it out. Thanks.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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