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Trouble installing hp c4680

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OS: windows xp
Printer: HP photosmart c4680

Original problem was "incompatible ink printer cartridge"
Online it was suggested to reinstall printer.

The current issue is a USBScan error

This file does not exists or is the incorrect version and is required for installation to continue. The file is part of Windows and is provided on the Windows installation cd.

File: sti.inf
Version: 5.1.2006.0
Location: C:\WINDOWS\inf

I do not have a Windows cd
How else can I begin to solve this problem.
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Hi ,

Anyone have any support for this problem.

I have a carbon copy. Trying to install a hp photosmart printer on a \XP service pk 3,pc. old!

I populated inf folder with usbstor, usb, certlas,inf,

Im found a version of sti.inf, and saved it as a txt file to /inf, but the printer setup software doesnt recognise it.

Any help appreciated.

I +
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