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Trouble Downloading

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I'm just going to copy and paste what I have posted everywhere:


I recently installed WinXP. I had WinME before this, very few problems.
I formatted, installed WinXP, and everything is fine, except one thing. I
cannot downloading anything. for instance, I go to , and
I try to DL AOL Instant Messenger. The dialog may or may not pop up, and
when it does, I select a folder to download to, and the Time Remaining stays
blank, Transfer Rate is blank, and the Progress Bar does not move. The file
doesn't download. One of my friends told me something about having an NTFS
system instead of FAT32. I dont know if this will fix it, but if there is
something easier, I'll take that instead. I have RoadRunner Cable, I Obtain
IP and DNS addresses automatically, and am through a router. I have released
and renewed my IPs twice. I did not have this problem before WinXP came
along. I'm not a computer newbie, so I have tried all the menial things,
like Virus Scanners, Cookies, IE options, etc.. I would greatly appreciate
help please!


I also took a screenshot of what happens:


Update: I have reformatted my computer, this time with NTFS (just because). There is no change in my problem. I need all the help I can get, because I'm not going back to WinME! Please help! E-mail me also if you can, [email protected] .
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same thing :(
Here is another random thing:
When I try this link: , I can download partially, then it just stops.. but the window stays there. I tried once and it stopped at 11%, then another time and 15%.

(btw, that link is a counter-strike map)
Well, I have to get some sleep, but I'll check back tomorrow. I hope to have a lot more posts than what's already here. :)
Well I'm stuck on this, but try this:

You cannot use Internet Explorer to download files. However, you can download files from the Internet through the use of other methods, such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP)-client programs.

This problem can occur if an Internet Explorer index file is damaged.

To resolve this problem, delete the Internet Explorer Index.dat file:

Open Internet Explorer. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options .

On the General tab, under Temporary Internet files , click Delete Files .

In the Delete Files dialog box that appears, click OK .

Under History , click Clear History .

In the dialog box that appears, click OK .

Quit Internet Explorer.

Log on to the computer by using the account of a user who does not experience the problem, and then open a command prompt.

Change the directory to the following path:
drive :\Documents and Settings\ username \Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5
where username is the name of the user account that has the problem.

Type del index.dat , and then press ENTER.

Close the command prompt, and then restart the computer.

The Index.dat file is recreated the next time that you log on to the computer.
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Try the old stand bys and see if they get you anywhere....

Have we patched up IE 6
Detect and repair IE 6
from the run line type SFC...

and just for s & giggles does a download accelorator work???
1. I can't download any patches for IE6.
2. How do I Detect and Repair? I forgot how.
3. Done.
4. I can't download a download accelerator.
OK you got me there ...with the downloads....duh...

Do you have AOhell on the system....uninstall it and remove and reinstall TCP/ intrested to know if this fixes it.....had two problems that were weird...(see my flipping out in the internet section) and a computer that didnt want to see the wireless network after AOhell was installed

Detect and repair should be in your add remove programs in the control panel

Someone tell DreRobb he has to give up his avator

I want to make sure I'm clear on this: You cant download anything via ftp? What about downloading from an http location? If you can download things via http and just not ftp you might have configured the router or firewall wrong.

Also NTFS will not cause this problem there is absolutely no reason to prefer Fat32 to NTFS. NTFS is Superior and that just it. :)
To Detect and Repair Internet Explorer, go into "Add Remove Programs" and click on "internet explorer" then uninstall. A pop-up box will appear asking you if you'd like to uninstall (i think its tool back to previous version) or repair.
Here's an update on my problem:
I cannot download EXEs, but I can download ZIP and some other files partially before they stop.
I've re-installed Windows.
I've re-installed IE6.
I've learned it has something to do with "port filtering."
I've learned that RoadRunner does not have any specific settings for Windows XP.
I've disconnected my computer from my router and plugged it straight into the modem, to no avail.
I've learned Microsoft will not help me because my WinXP is OEM.
I don't know the OEM company to call.
Nobody has helped me thusfar.

OK, I'm going with "port filtering." Anyone know what it is? What to config?
OEM=Origanl eqitment Manufacture.....Who sold you the system???

Dell, Gateway....

Windows XP= System Restore???
I bought it OEM from
System Restore? I completely re-installed!
A complete restore.....thats one way to fix it....and now well never know what the problem is...:)
*sigh* no no no.. if you read my earlier posts.. I reinstalled WinXP, and the problem is still here. all i have to go on is Port Filtering.
XP has a built in firewall that wont let you download anything if it is enabled.Control Panel -Network & Internet Connections-Network Connection-Right click on Local area connection-properties-advanced-
ok, so you reinstalled, if the problems still there your choices are your modem or your router.

Does your router come with a firewall? and if so do you have it enabled?

You said you are automatically configured via DHCP, have you verified your actually getting an address and not some generic address?

You can check IP settings in the command prompt : "ipconfig"


See I wrote about 15 posts ago:
If you can download things via http, and just not ftp you might have configured the router or firewall wrong.
but you never got back to me about the settings before you went on a reinstall rampage. :)
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Ethereal Raven said:
I've disconnected my computer from my router and plugged it straight into the modem, to no avail.
Which means: "How can it be my router when I have the same problem when WinXP connects directly to the modem?"
The WinXP firewall is and has been disabled.
How can it be my modem? I have 2 others computers on the router/modem that work fine.

TheTechIsIn said:
You said you are automatically configured via DHCP, have you verified your actually getting an address and not some generic address?
Well, I'm at work, so I can't check it right now, but I have released and renewed the IPs...
Did you set this to the default settings?


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