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trouble accessing linksys ap

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i have a linksys router, plugged in-to a d-link router.
i cant access my linksys router; i have dhcp enabled, and cannot sccess it it times out on me. i have tried pinging it and they all time out.
is the linksys not compatable?
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some of that wont work
the linksys model is WAP54G-only for wireless broadcast doesnt have a DHCP server
D-link:Di-624 Revision C
also i cannot access the settings of the second router at all the setup disc cannot find the linksys router in the network even though it says that all the cables are connected, and i cannot access the settings of the router through the private ip given to it by the DHCP
it gives me a time out
here is a screen shot of the linksys static DHCP
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yeah thats the trouble i did reset it and i CANNOT configure it!
it will not let me access it, and the D-Link IS a Router and the Linksys is only a WAP for Wireless configuration
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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