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I ran my virus software (AVG free edition) and it said no virus- but only checked 30,000 files-

Then ran Housecall- it checked 117,000 files and said I had Troj_small.j virus and it was located at C:\Restore\Archives\FS211...

Then I ran McAfee free scan - it checked 51,934 files and said no virus.

My computer gives me these errors-
Ddhelp caused error in GDI.exe, exception OE 0028:cooE8BE in VxD VMM01 + 0000D8BE; called from 0028:C004AC9F in VxD FAT 01, 0000D8BE + 0000B23F

THEN after a reboot, AVG finally says 'AVG found error in Boot Sector on Drive A' - but I had no disk in drive A- it just kept clicking away on an empty drive.

So, assuming I have this virus, how do I get rid of it? I am running WinME.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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