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Triple boot issues

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So I had Ubuntu and XP
All was well and done in the meadow
Then I tried to upgrade XP to Vista...
It failed, but I could revert the changes..
So I installed a fresh Vista on another partition instead

Then reboot

And now my bootloader is fubar
There's two VISTA options and one XP
But no Ubuntu.....

How do I make the loader recognize the three systems that are there instead of two that are and one that isn't??
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What you need to do is to install Vista first. The reason that it is showing two vistas, and one xp is that the vista bootloader takes over the other ones, because it is different software that doesn't recognize the xp or ubuntu bootloaders.So install vista first, then xp or ubuntu, and you should be all set.

Alternatively, you can reinstall the grub bootloader...
Any way to toss in the GRUB without a CD?
Kinda.. Lost my CDs. :(
But hw do I toss it in via Windows as I'm lacking the ability to enter Linux right now? :p
Take a look at this HOW TO: on reinstalling Grub. Installing Grub
Ok that sorted the bugger right out,
while I'm at it -- Is it possible to edit grub to my preference?
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