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tried to install xp on a vista laptop

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What does this error code mean its on a blue screen btw.

File \$WIN_NT$. ~BT\ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded
Error Code is 7
setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit.
i cant get pass this bluescreen even if i go into safemode.
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sorry, you are trying to illegally install gateway software in a compaq laptop. Helping you violates this forums rules.
nah man i got that from the other thread, i just wanna know what the error code means :(. I just wanna understand the science of the error code now.
Hi mate,
could you tell what make/model is your laptop???
When this BSOD happens, when you try to install XP or after installation???
Which one version of Windows XP you are trying to install: SP1, SP2, SP3???
Did you left Vista on laptop and you are trying to install XP on separate partition, or you just have XP on laptop???
Hope this will help you mate...
Either way, as sobeit has pointed out, we cannot help you with any illegal activities.

Thread closed.
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