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Tricks of the trade

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Ok I have the official prima guide for battlefield 2142 But it doesent really give any good tips on being a sniper. Like how to hide better, or shoot better. If anyone knows any tricks of the trade when being a sniper, in any game [you know like halo considering I suck at it] or battlefield 2142 then this is the thread to post them in. you can even include any tricks for anything when doing a multiplayer FPS game. But please try giving as many tips for battlefield and halo as possible thanks. :grin:
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The stabilizer and extra zoom unlocks are essential - they are incredibly useful. I also find the APM Mines to be invaluable as well, especially if you are hunkered down in a sweet spot to prevent someone from snatching your dog tags. Depending on how much latency you have, to hit moving targets aim just ahead of where they are running to - your mouse-click reaction time isn't instantaneous. As for the sniper unlock (the Zeller-H Advanced Rifle), I have found the extra 10 dmg it does to be invaluable, though the two less rounds per magazine to be occasionally annoying.

If you are finding you are "just missing" people, even the occasion stationary one, and your latency is fairly low, consider using a fire key bound on the keyboard. Some people have the tendency to jink the mouse slightly when left-clicking to fire, causing their aim to skew. If you find this happening, bind your fire key to something like Spacebar, or any key you can press with your left thumb. This way you can still use ASDF to move with your left fingers, your left pinky for sprinting (left shift) or hitting the dirt prone (Z), while leaving your thumb free to fire even if you're moving. You'll of course have to rebind your jump key somewhere else, and get used to firing with your left thumb, but your aim can improve with this alternative.

I have a bunch of other tips (I'm a sniper myself in BF2142), but many of them are map-dependent. General rule of thumb: Limit the number of kills you deal in any given location, and then move. People tend to remember where you were when you killed them (not in all cases, but many), so they will hunt for you (and maybe even counter-snipe). In real life, solo snipers tend to only shoot once at any given spot to maximize... well... living, but since this is BF2142 you can get away with more.
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ok Thanks I like verdun, camp gibralter and Fall of berlin, even minsk those are my top 4.
I haven't played BF2142, but Cellus' advice sounds pretty good and the same principles apply in Halo: because of the crappy netcode, leading your target is essential. It's best to watch your target for a bit first, try to get a sense of their strafing pattern (if they have one), look around them and try to determine where they're headed (any weapons/powerups close by?) Then it all boils down to your accuracy. Sniping in halo isn't easy, but once you figure out how much you should be leading your target, and once you've mastered keeping your reticule (aim) at head-height, you'll improve dramatically. A keen sense of anticipation also is key.

Hope this helps.

Oh, and watch Enemy at the Gates. You could probably learn a thing or two from Vassili Zaitsev..... "I am a stone..."
I haven't played Battlefield 2142, but I have played Halo, basically, if you are having problems sniping in Halo or similar games, there are a few things such you can do. Firstly, if you have a slow, or even medium internet speed, then always aim ahead of your target (you should do this anyway). A trick I find useful in a lot of games is standing in your targets path (remaining hidden of course) when you do this, u have a straight shot and a much better target, you can just aim down the center of the path he is taking and pop him in the head or the torso. I find that to be a good sniper you have to watch your back and move around a lot. (If your enemies find you, they will almost certainly just snipe you and if they miss, they will tell all their team mates. My best advice is to keep moving.
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