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Transfer rate speeds

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Can someone explain in layman's terms why when downloading a file, the "transfer rate" starts out at something like 20 Kb/sec then falls to a measly 2.76 Kb/sec in mere moments? I've always wondered why that is.

For the record, I have a US Robotics 33.6 Internal modem using dial-up conection.



PS Was also wondering what happend to my last 33 posts and my registration??? Had to reregister today as if I had no history whatsoever--everything gone--gone--gone into the ozone apparently. So I've been gone a couple of months. Is that any reason to flush my stuff??
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You information may have been lost in the upgrade :confused: not sure on that one.

to make this simple .. basically the transfer rate scale is simply tricked initially, you probably notice the time remaining fluctuates as the transfer rate increases or decreases as well, most times you have to wait a good minute on dial up to get a true transfer rate.
Sure thing. I've observed what you're saying. I was assuming that those initial high numbers were to be taken literally, and just thought the rate was slowing down due to internet congestion or some sort of "imposed limits" by Internet providers, so dial-up users like me would be more motivated to upgrade to cable or DSL technology. Can't have people busting the "3 Kb/sec ceiling" or they'd never squeeze $50 bucks a month out of us."

Just paranoia talking, I guess.

Thanks again,

CR:no: :rolleyes: X(
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