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If you only want to transfer a particular Outlook folder (ie not every Outlook folder), open Outlook, click File > Import & Export > Export to a Personal Folders file (pst)

In the dialog-box, expand the folder tree and highlight the folder you wish to export.
Export it to a removable storage device. The file will be called backup.pst

Plug the removable storage device into the other PC.
Open Outlook on that PC.
Click File > Import & Export > Import from another program or file
For file type choose Personal Folders File (PST)
Navigate to where the backup.pst file is on the removable storage device.
Double-click that file, then click "Next" etc.
That folder should now appear in Outlook.

I probably missed a few steps in the export and import processes, but nothing which would cause any problems as it's quite intuitive to follow each dialog-box.
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