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Transfer Data .

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Firstly, i do not know if this is the right section. If it is the wrong section, please inform me and sorry about that .

Recently after the lost of data i had. I wanted to know if there is anyway to transfer my data from one computer to a computer automatically daily without the need to transfer them from one drive to another .
Example if i had not made myself clear :
I am reading a file, I made some changes to the file and save in my OWN laptop.
The Second computer detects a new change and save it into its own hard drive and continues running to check for other changes made by me.
Also i would like to ask ,if there are any possibilities for a computer checking more than one computer at a time ? Must it be wired or wireless ? So that I will not lose my documents easily .
Thank you .
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You can schedule a backup to file that stores that file on a networked drive.

You can add a disk and configure volume shadow copy to make snapshots of the drives files.
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