Over the previous years, I have had my fair share of reviewing RAVPower products and I have come to appreciate what they offer to their customers.

This will be the tenth RAVPower product review here on TSF and what I have found is that each product is a little bit different in some way, with each product aimed at a specific task. The hunt for a “do everything” battery pack continues as I search for one that is compact, rugged, affordable, and functional.

In an effort to provide this universal functionality, RAVPower has just recently released their newest product lineup, the Savior line. Focused to be that “all-in-one, do everything” device, this new redesign certainly does a good job in competing to gain that title.

Welcome to my review of the RAVPower RP-PB23 Savior battery pack. Throughout this review, I will be discussing the unit’s design, features, and my final thoughts. I would like to thank RAVPower for providing this device.


RAVPower’s attention to design is appealing with each product having its own unique look and feel, with the only similarity being the matte black color scheme.

The Savior is built around a metal shell and is covered in a plastic body. The face and bottom surfaces are coated in a rubberized material that is quite pleasing to the touch and as an extra bonus is scratch resistant. Another plus is that the device is not a fingerprint magnet.

A physical tour of the unit reveals an attached MicroUSB cable on the left hand side, a full sized USB port on the bottom for charging a secondary device, a wall adapter plug for charging the Savior, and finally a battery status indicator on the front face.

Unfortunately, RAVPower opted to remove a small LED flash light that has been included on nearly all of their devices. This small LED was always a treat and for it to be lacking is a slight disappointment, especially for a product at this price.

Finally, the size of the unit is nearly perfect with the dimensions measuring at 4.4 x 2.75 x 1.10 inches and the total weight at 8.63 oz. It’s safe to mention that this device is the perfect size for me and I can easily say that out of all other nine RAVPower units I've reviewed, this is my favorite.


I see this new Savior battery pack as an “all-in-one” device as it's RAVPower’s first unit to ever include a built in cable as well as the ability to charge directly from the wall.

Other RAVPower products require that the main unit be charged using a USB wall plug. Not only does the Savior save time by plugging it directly into the wall, but you can connect a phone to the included MicroUSB cable and charge the main battery pack simultaneously. For those travellers out there, this removes the need to carry around a USB wall charger and a cable.

Speaking of the battery, the Savior unit includes Grade A batteries that hold a massive 9000mAH charge. During a recent trip, I was able to charge an HTC One M7 to full power four times before I needed to consider charging the Savior itself. Since the Savior battery pack can charge two devices at once, this massive battery storage should provide enough energy to fully charge your phone plus a tablet at least twice.

Finally, like all new RAVPower products, the Savior uses RAVPower’s newest iSmart charging technology. This innovation can detect the required amount of power needed for your device and adjust accordingly, provided your device does not exceed 3.4 amps.

For those who own an Apple device, RAVPower also offers this unit that includes a Lighting Cable over the MicroUSB. You can find that here .

My Final Thoughts

All in all, the new Savior device has met my expectations and receives the title as my favorite RAVPower device. Its functionality and design is superb compared to other battery packs on the market and I find that the all-in-one design is perfect. Its price of $49.99 makes it a little more expensive over other RAVPower products, but certainly worth it for those who want to minimalize on their travels and those who are in a desperate need of power.

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