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Toshiba screwed me. Please help.

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I'll start from the beggining. Last Christmas I got my L25-2119 laptop from Toshiba. My expirience has been a horror story.

Within about 2 months I had a short in the adapter. I fixed it, but 3 weeks later one appeared in another spot. I fixed it too. It is relevant later on, so I will mention the following now. I knocked my watch off my dresser and it broke off the backspace key, but I fixed it easily with a dab of clear superglue. About another month after the shorts, a line of red pixels appeared on the screen. Over about a week it got thicker and thicker till it was about 8 pixels wide. I decided it was time to send it to Thoshiba repair.

They sent it back with the backspace key ripped off and missing and the Laptop wouldn't turn on. The report said this: Your continued use of the laptop with a shorted adapter was the cause of power surge under the backspace key. there is melted plastic under the key. Your warrenty is void.

What they said was melted plastic was actually just the glue I used to repair the key! I sent it back in saying that they had broken the laptop, and ripped off my key!

They sent it back again with a report saying that the damage was not covered under the warrenty. But they broke it! I wrote a letter to Toshiba about the bad service and they agreed to take it back and fix it. When I finally got it vack they had fixed the screen and replaced the key, but the battery wouldn't charge. I bought a new adapter but the problem was still there. The battery is not covered in the big recall. I decided not to mess with toshiba support anymore and just went ahead and purchased a new battery.

Within like five minutes the laptop KILLED THE NEW BATTERY! I just lost a hundred bucks!

Anyone who's put up with reading my long post know what might be wrong?

Here's a pic of what the battery status says. The battery light flashes on and off when the laptop is plugged in.

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Sorry to hear of your delima, but since you didn't replace the defective power adaptor when it failed the first time, it sounds like it did a lot of damage after you continued to use it. I looks like the charging circuits are fried....while you could have it replaced....for the cost, it may be worth it to just get another laptop....I'm surprised at all the problems you have....I've had a lot of Toshiba's (have one now) and I find them very well built and hold up well to my abuse...even as a instructor!
it sounds like it did a lot of damage after you continued to use it. I looks like the charging circuits are fried....
The charging problem didn't occur UNTIL I sent it in to them. It was working just fine until they sent it back to me. I had a friend of a freind who is a computer technician for dell look over it and he said that there was no power surge on the keyboard, it was just the glue I used to fix the key. He also said it is IMPOSSIBLE for a power surge to appear anywhere on a keyboard at all.
Heh. I actually find it a bit funny that they would blame that on a power surge in a keyboard. Anyhow, it is a likely cause they the rectifier or the conditioner in the power supply was damaged, causing an unsteady stream of electricity to flow through your laptop. As you may have guessed, this can cause significant damage. If you have a multimeter, I suggest testing the power supply. If you can, try another power supply. If it is Toshiba's standard design, it will be a 15V adapter, otherwise it will use a 19V adapter. If the power supply is supplying an insufficient amount of electricity to charge the battery, it will use the power to ONLY keep the machine on. Try turning the machine off, loading the battery, THEN plugging it in to charge.

Okay, I tried it and still the problem is there. I bought a new adapter. I assume the problem is permenant, but I just need to know what to have fixed, or if it is worth sending another letter to Toshiba about
Yep, Toshiba adapters are a bit different. You should have sent a request to check out the adapter too. I think it's worth sending another letter for.
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