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toshiba sattellite not seeing any networks

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My laptop was able to see my wireless signal at home, I recently set up a new router at another location and now I am not able to see any wireless signals.
I ran the install disk when I set up my new router. I have a Toshiba Sattellite L505 laptop and am running windows 7.

I have confirmed that my modem is working and my ethernet cable is good.

Can anyone give me a helping hand on fixing this problem I have?
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Mando.Coin - Welcome to TSF,

Let's verify that all the network cables and connections plugged in to the proper Ports. From the Modem, the network cable need to be plugged in to the Router's WAN or Internet Port. Your computer and Xbox needs to be wired to the LAN Ports of your router.

Power Cycle your devices if above is confirmed.

Also, try deleting all Wireless Profiles stored and then reconnect to your own SSID, make sure that you type in the correct network encryption.

Test your connection after and an update will be nice.
Hi there
U mentioned that ur laptop cannot view any wireless network at all. Is the wireless switch on?
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