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Toshiba Sattelite Laptop DVD Drive Not Working

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I'm running Vista on my laptop. And I have had this laptop just over a year. A few days back I tried burning and thought I'd got a faulty batch of discs. Then as I checked into it I soon found that DVDs arent working at all. I hear a loud chugging and the thing just doesn't start.

The Cds work fine.

Anyone who can help me Id really appreciate it. I have already tried the regedit fix and it didnt do my dvd drive any good.

Thanks in Advance
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try a different brand of disks
check for a firmware update for the drive
uninstall the drive from the device manager and reboot
clean the laser
the dvd laser may have gone
I tried looking for updates and also different disks. It may be the laser that needs to be clean. How do I uninstall the dvd drive from a laptop.I took out the screws before when cleaning it and had no idea how to get the drive out.

I've been googling a few days to try and find how but no luck so far.
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