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Toshiba Satellite M115-S3104 adapter

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I have a Toshiba Satellite M115-S3104 and adapter is dead. An worst yet, i been to two pc dealers and both are fu#$%ing me for a month, saying how they ordered it bla bla bla, and nothing happens, and they cant even give me an eta when its going to come. Toshiba doesn't have a support center in my area, closest one is like 400 km from here, post services here aren't exactly all that honest if you know what i mean.

So can i use universal adapters safely, only one i found around here is this one


* Input voltage range: AC 100...240V
* Dimensions: 132.3x59.3x36.5mm
* Output voltage: 15V/16V/18V/19V/20V DC at 4.5A max or 22V/24V DC at 3.5A max
* Output power: 90W (max)
* Overload protection: 10A
* Short circuit protection
* Power cord length: 1.2m

power req for my laptop is 15v and 5 amps, an this one is 4.5, and the jack im not too sure about either, but i figure i can attach the one that died and gg

any advice?

thx in advance
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stay with Toshiba adapters specific for your laptop.

if you use after market, generic or non-brand adapters, they may work but only they can give you the assurance that their product would not give you any problems.
i already ordered a replacement unit, but i asked my bro to do it, and it will arrive in 2 months.

i know the dangers in using universal adapters, but i would use it minimally untill the original arrives. for now, ill keep looking for an adapter with the exact specs, since i read that lower amperage can cause switchin from batt to adapter power input, an that aint too good

this one has 6 amps, and that shouldnt be a problem since it will only draw as much as it needs, higher voltage is the problem no?
and trust is a reliable company in my exp

thx for assistance
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