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Toshiba Satellite L50
Intel Core i3 3217U 1.80GHz
Windows 7 home basic 64bit
(Not sure which specs are relevant, let me know what/if more are needed)

Had this laptop for years, so it might just need replacing, but I thought I'd check here to see if anything can be done for it.

The problem started after a 2 month-ish period of the laptop not being used. When turned on it sits with a black screen and a fan noise revving up and down at a consistent rate for around half an hour. It doesn't sound like the fan is going crazy, and I don't think think there's any overheating from what I can feel.

I don't get any kind of visible boot/bios info while it boots, just a totally black screen (first time I saw the problem, I thought the screen might have died). Once it's 'ready', it gives a quick Toshiba flash-screen then straight in to Windows. As soon as windows opens, everything is up and running pretty much as fast as when I first fitted the SSD. The only discernible issue is the crazy boot time. It just doesn't seem like anything is happening until it springs to life.

The battery is dead and needs replacing, so if it's been unplugged then I need to reset the date and time. After which it's another 10 minutes or so of the initial problem before anything else happens. I did a charge reset (remove battery and mains, hold power button for 30 secs) to see if that helped but it hasn't. The problem still occurs if I try to boot without the battery inserted.

I've done dskchk and it said there's no bad sectors on the SSD. I haven't done a RAM test yet because windows wanted to reset and I didn't have time to keep an eye on things just yet but I might try it when I get home depending on what advice I get.
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