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Toshiba M35X-S149 Sound card/wireless switch

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The small little boards that are the Sound Card and Integrated Wireless switch, basically I need a new one, this part has failed for some reason; the ribbon connection soldering has cracked.

I'd hate to lose the laptop to Toshiba repair when it is still functional, just without wireless or sound. I think it would be all around easier just to replace the part myself, I took the bad part out.

So bottom line question is, where may one find such a part, if anywhere?
And how much will it cost?

If need be, I took a picture of the part and uploaded to my comcast webspace, I could post it if needed...

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Might want to look at this info as well before you send your machine in:

Toshiba Lock Up Issues

My understanding there is a grounding problem with these machine around the speakers or something. Even if you have had no problems to date, opening the machine may cause this lock up/shut down problem, so you might suggest that the grounding solution be addressed while in for repair as well.

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