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Toshiba L305 S5944 Powers Up to Logo-dies

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With AC adapter plugged in and battery in, system starts to power up. Can hear hard drive. Toshiba logo appears with F2 and F10 or F8 option at bottom. Stays on about 2-3 seconds, goes black and no power. Also, orange or green light lights. Try procedure again and it may get to logo, and powers off. Try again, does not even get to logo, just powers off. Battery is new. AC power adapter is reading 19 volts. If I close cover and let it sit, I see green light in front. After a day, I power it up, and it will go through the same process again. All lights on front, logo, hard drive, and then black and dead. Any ideas. I have seen other posts with similar problems, but no solution yet. PLEASE HELP. Thanks.......Rich
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Try running the laptop with just the battery.

Remove the battery and try the laptop with just the AC Adapter.

Has the PC been cleaned lately? Dust blown from fan and vents?

Are you able to access the BIOS (F2 at the logo)

My toshiba a300 does the exact same thing.

Does it still do it if you have it running on the battery alone? Mine works fine then, until the battery goes flat.

What about without the battery in, but plugged into the charger, can you still use it or does it only go to bios then cut out! Again, that's what mine does.

Sorry if I'm making you repeat your post, I just want to get a clear idea of your problem.

Likewise with the charger, mine reads what it should so I don't see how it can be that, but that is what I have been told it could be by an IT guy.
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