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Hi, I run Windows 7 Pro SP-1 64-Bit with a ASRock P67 PRO3

(B3) MoBo that has a UEFI BIOS.

My C, D & E partitions are on a 120 GB NTFS SSD with a MBR.

I installed Windows 7 on a pre-partitioned SSD, so no hidden

"System Partition".

I installed a Toshiba PH3200U-1I72 2TB HDD that is Advanced

Format 512e and is properly "Aligned" using the Toshiba

provided utility.

The PH3200U-1I72 is used as storage only on partitions

"F" thru "M" set as MBR and working perfectly.

I bought a Toshiba PH3300U-1I72 3TB HDD that is also

Advanced Format 512e to replace the 2TB.

I know that 3TBers can't utilize the full capacity in MBR,

and must be set as GPT to do so.

BTW: I would make 5 partitions, 4 NTFS and one small FAT32.

I use Norton's Ghost weekly and it has issues with GPT.

I proceeded to contact various partitioning/cloning

software companies to see if their products could be used in

place of Ghost.

The partial exchange below is between TeraByte Unlimited

and me:


"If your new drive uses 4K sector sizes you
wouldn't need to have a GPT."


Please elaborate.

BTW, This is what my present Toshiba 2TB looks like:


If you expose the 4K sector size and not the emulated

normal 512 byte sector size, you can use an MBR and

use the entire space (up to 16TiB).



With what software and what is the procedure to go about

doing this?

Can it be done via a Bootable CD or must it be done in

Windows with just my SSD and empty 3TB connected?


It would be a drive feature/option, typically using
a jumper. The BIOS would also have to support the larger
sizes too so it doesn't crash reading larger sectors, a
modern BIOS should be able to handle it.

My hunt for answers from Toshiba is a lost cause as their

support is a TOTAL joke and does NOT offer E-Mail support.

So, I'm here to find out if this "exposing the 4K sector

size" can, indeed, be done to my PH3300U-1I72, and if so,

EXACTLY how to go about doing it.

Also, are there any shortcomings to having the Toshiba

"exposing the 4K sector size" using 5 partitions, 4 NTFS

and one small FAT32?

Thanks in advance for any help you can be.

Big Al

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I'm not aware of any new SATA drives that can be configured for 4Kn operation. I could be mistaken, but AFAIK all Advanced Format drives still use 512e emulation.

However, depending on your hardware, there is a way to have your drive identify itself as a 1Kn drive, in which case you could use MBR formatting. But then it wouldn't make sense to clone a file system based on a 512-byte sector size to a drive with a 1024-byte sector size.

If you wish to clone your drive, then you will need to clone it 'logically" rather than "physically". A tool such as Acronis True Image should allow you to do this. ATI could also automatically expand the target partition to fill the available space.

A "physical" clone produces an identical byte-for-byte image whereas a "logical" clone just copies the data from one drive to another. In the latter case you could copy an NTFS volume from an MBR partition to a larger NTFS volume in a GPT partition.

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3TB's Partitioned As NTFS With MBR Out There?


Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-Bit with an ASRock P67 PRO3 (B3)

MoBo that has a UEFI BIOS, i5-2500K and Corsair

Vengeance 16 Gigs.

My C, D and E partitions are on a 120 GB NTFS SSD

with a MBR.

My present STORAGE HDD is a 2TB Toshiba with a MBR.

I recently purchased a Toshiba PH3300U-1I72 3TB to

replace the 2TB.

I always Ghost with DOS Bootable CDs I make with

custom Autoexec.bat files I write, never Windows.

I found out from Symantec that Ghost has issues with


I found a way to make my 3TB FULLY accessible and set

as MBR.

It's Acronis True Image, aka Seagates DiskWizard aka

WD's version of DiskWizard. It puts an "Extended

Capacity Manager" in the boot sector so you get

one 2.1TB and one 700+GB partition, BOTH MBR.


Seagate DiscWizard CloneDisc for drives larger than 3TB_Part-2

The reason that I'm posting this is to get feedback from

anyone who has used these programs to see if the 3TBers work

as any other HDD would or are there any quirks that have come

up since partitioning your 3TB?

Please post to me.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Big Al

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Re: 3TB's Partitioned As NTFS With MBR Out There?


I just found this and would like some input before opening the

Toshiba 3TB's box:

Make SURE the 3TB is EMPTY as this will wipe ALL data on the drive

To make a fully accessible 3TB with 4k sector:

1. Boot to desktop.

2. Open "My Computer" in Windows Explorer.

3. Click on the EMPTY 3TB HDD.

4. If the factory made some partitions on it, delete them all.

5. Once it is just one disk, right-click it and click "Format"

6. Select "4096", "NTFS" and "Format".

7. Click OK. Since the 3TB is EMPTY, it should be real quick.

8. It's now ready to be partitioned to your liking up to 2.7 or so

TB's total and is set as MBR.

So, has anyone used these programs or the "4096", "NTFS" and "Format"


Big Al

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Please keep related questions in one post, rather than posting twice about the same issue.

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Well I TRIED to. That's why I said this:

Re: Toshiba 3TB Partitioned As All MBR?

Funny you should mention ATI. I couldn't delete or edit this, so I went here:

BTW: Going GPT is not in the cards, I love Ghost too much!

If people were given the option to delete or edit their posts, that would

solve the problem, wouldn't it??
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