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Torrents :(

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Righto. I'm stuck

Have the BT 2wire 1800hg and I have followed numerous tuturials on how to open my ports.

I run bitcomet and it only achieves very slow speeds. (whatever the file)

With my router, I can turn the firewall on, off, allow everything, forward every single port, block everything, but the actual speed on bitcomet remains the same whatever I do.

I have also configured windows firewall and norton filewall (turning these off and on, forwarding ports on here)

I have also been on this site doesn't work, I put my port in and nothing happens.

Also been on other port checking sites. Slightly different, when I only allow one port through, it says that this one is open and all others are closed, but when I allow all ports through, the site goes really slow and i get a timeout error on my port checking.

Long-winded, and I haven't got a clue whats wrong.

Last thing I can think of is traffic shaping by BT but i'm not exactly a really heavy user. Speeds don't magically go up after midnight either..

:4-dontkno :4-dontkno :4-dontkno

Thanks for suggestions (if any) :)
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