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Is there a tool out there or software that you use in order to test the ACTUAL data transfer speeds (verses whats possible on the specs)? Freeware would be preferable of course, though I'm certainly not against paying for something good.

I know people must use something because they give numbers Mb/S for the various transfer rates they're getting. In my reading thus far I think I may be confusing what is possible here because I saw people talking about testing one drives possible read/ write speeds but I'm wondering about testing the actual speeds when you move a folder / or copy a folder from one drive to another. I know that that speed would take into account many more variables than just the one drive, but I don't understand what those variables all are (for ex: the potential speed of Drive #1, potential speed of Drive #2, potential speed of the transfer medium - USB2.0, firewire 400, firewire 800, esata, or even internal things like Motherboard RAM probably affects overall speed, etc?) and if there is a tool used - or if the best is to

There are so many bottlenecks

I did actually download this software (Passmark Performance - to trial but I'm looking for something that will allow me to check how fast my firewire 400 is moving compared to my firewire 800 ports, and to see if my esata card is approaching esatas potential specs.

I also have Belarc advisor but that doesn't do what I'm looking for either.


Recently I bought a DroboPro and would like to move a large amount of data over to it from my various external harddrives. I have USB, and firewire 400 ports built into the motherboard, and have installed firewire 800 & esata ports via the adaptor cards. Problem is data seems to be moving awfully slow and I can't figure out why, so I'd first like to verify that data is in fact moving slowly - and be able to quantify it with a number. I should also add that the DroboPro has the capability to move data from an iSCSI port ("scuzzy" they call it I think) which is basically an ethernet port, but unfortunately I haven't been able to get that going yet as there is only 1 ethernet port on the back of my computer and I have used up all the available slots so I can't go the NIC gigabit card method though its supposed to be able to work through my router.

Drobo says I'm supposed to be getting around 20 mb/s using USB 2.0; 60-80 mb/s with Firewire 800; and up to 110 mb/s with iSCSI. I have about 6 TB of data to copy there and unfortunately it took about 4 days using "karins replicator" program to get 1.3TB or data copied. I will point out that I bought the best drives I could for the drobo that are 7200RPM - 2TB (WD2001FASS). It's been a fairly expensive project thus far, and while I do feel like my data will be much safer I'd like to figure out how to maximize transfer speeds.
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