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Too Hot!!!

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Mobo And Cpu Still Seem To Be Getting Too Hot!!! All The Fans Are Set Up Properly And I Even Took Off The Side Panel. Running At About 50c When Computer Is On (IDLE). The Video Cards Also Seem To Be Quite Hot. I Am Going To Reapply Arctic Silver Thermal Paste To See If That Helps The Cpu. Any Other Suggestions???

System Specs
650w Psu Antec Trio
Asus P5b Premium Vista Edition Board
2-ati Visiontek X1650 Pro Pci-e Video Cards
Audigy S2 Sound Card
Intel Q6600 Processor

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I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure 50c is totally normal for a processor.

In fact, mine is at 64c right now and its not abnormal for it to go up to 70 when I'm playing games. And my computer used to have problems overheating and shutting down because the CPU would reach 85C. I've done several things to lower it and this is as low as I can get it. It runs fine and has been for the passed year and a half that I got it.
Faster fan, bigger better heat sink. With the side of the case off these would be the only things you could do to help lower temps. Well other then what your doing with the paste. Just remember a drop smoothed out across the surface is all you need.

But all in all the 50c for that cpu doesnt sound out of place. I think the max before shut off is 62.5c But im not to sure about that part.
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